As a Personal Chef, Culinary Nutritionist, Professional Recipe Developer, Food Writer and Photographer, Amie has studied all the major dietary theories and will help you discover what approach works best for you and your life.

Life is too short to dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins, restrictions and lists of good and bad foods, Amie works with clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline.

No one diet works for everyone. Amie will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. Amie will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.

Amie is dedicated to helping her clients live healthier lives by teaching them, hands-on, how to nourish themselves through proper food choices.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Want to lose weight
  • Want to eat better
  • Often stare into your fridge or pantry blankly, with no idea what to eat or make
  • No time or energy to plan healthy meals
  • Overwhelmed at the prospect of changing your diet
  • Aren’t sure, if you could change your diet, what you could or should change

Amie can help.

For the past eight years, Amie has been working with clients who deal with the same stress, confusion, and overwhelming feelings when it comes to eating cleaner and healthier. And every one of them has been surprised at not only how easy it can be to shift your diet in a better direction, but how fun and delicious, too.

What Amie Can Do For You

  • Work with your food preferences and sensitivities, as well as your goals, to determine what diet plan will serve you
  • Teach you to shop for and prepare simple, clean meals for you and your family
  • Overhaul your kitchen and your pantry so that the tools you need to eat healthy are all within reach
  • Help you create healthier habits and enjoy better health that comes about as a result of learning how to use food to support your life and your energy instead of sabotage it.
  • Teach you to plan simple, clean, delicious meal plans
  • Offer simple strategies for eating out
  • Show you how to disarm binge triggers and regain control of your eating
  • Help you lose weight normally and naturally


Teach a Woman to Cook “The Deluxe”

  • 30-minute phone consultation
  • Personal nutritional analysis: I will assess your current diet and help identify your personal eating challenges and how to address them.
  • Food store tour: I take you on a shopping trip with an eye toward your new goals and give you tips on how and what to buy. You’ll never shop the same way again!
  • Pantry makeover
  • One-on-one cooking lesson
  • Customized Meal plan: I work with you to create a one-week plan
  • Food shopping list: I help you develop a list to use every time you shop so that makes it easy to keep to your new goals

Show Me the Ropes “Crash Course”

  • 30-minute phone consultation
  • Pantry makeover
  • One-on-One cooking lesson
  • 1-week meal plan
  • Food shopping list

Under The Hood “I Do it All for You” 

  • Pantry makeover
  • Personal chef service (I prepare the food for you and leave it for you in the fridge or freezer for grab-and-go convenience)
  • 1-week meal plan
  • Food shopping list

Have a need that’s not listed? Want to come up with your own approach? All packages are customizable. Just ask!

Amie is available for ongoing weekly chef work and happy to add any of the below a la carte items to your package.  Amie is also available to travel with you and your family outside of Manhattan to your other homes, on vacations, etc.

La Carte Menu (NYC Metro Area and the Hampton’s Services)

  • Food Store Tour (Includes shopping list)
  • Pantry Makeover/ Kitchen Ambush
  • Individual Menu/ Meal Planning
    • Planning Food Shopping/ Mapping out meals for the week
    • Recipe Modifications
    • One on One Cooking
      • Baby food
      • Juicing for Kids and Adults
      • Dinner
      • Snacks
      • Lunch
      • Breakfast
      • Dessert
      • Traveling To-Go Snacks ready at all times
      • Solo Organizing Fridge/Pantry
      • One on One Nutrition Counseling
      • Prep for Kid’s Birthday Parties
      • Prep for Cocktail Parties

Service Descriptions

Private Chef

  • In-home chef: Amie works in her clients’ kitchens, usually during the day with you or while you are away, and prepare a week or two weeks’ worth of meals, packages the meals into single-serving containers and then store them in the refrigerator or freezer for you to use each day.
  • Expertise in special diets: As someone who has suffered with numerous food intolerance’s and allergies, Amie is well versed in developing meals that prioritize your particular sensitivities.
  • Dinner party planning: Amie works with clients for dinner parties, going over menu options, talking about guests in town and what sort of food mood they’re in the mood for whether it be vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free or simply just healthy and unique.
  • Clean food parties.  Amie hosts Clean Eating workshops at schools, organizations, Corporate Wellness Programs as well as at clients’ homes as an informal, fun evening event where guests learn about clean eating, try their hand at preparing it, and then enjoy the fruits of their labor.
  • Educator/Presenter. While Amie is happy to stay in the kitchen, Amie can also be part of the entertainment—particularly if you want to have someone present and educate guests on specific foods. Amie has worked with many major brands to represent their foods at conferences and events and is happy to include this as part of the service.

Personal Food Shopping Services & Supermarket Tours

You’ve been to the grocery store countless times – but after you’ve gone with me, you’ll never make that trip the same way again.  Amie has created a fun and exciting grocery store tour to help you better navigate the aisles.  Amie will show you what to look for, what to avoid, how to read nutrition labels, how to steer clear of ‘food marketing’ ploys and identify healthy products.  Amie also works with clients as their personal shopper for groceries and introduces the best places for fresh, seasonal produce at the best prices while saving you time and money.  This service can be a private one-on-one tour as well as a group tour with you and your friends.

Kitchen Ambush & Pantry Makeover

Amie’s Pantry Makeover service will do more than provide you with the knowledge you need to make healthier, cost effective choices in the grocery store.  As a Healthy Family Pantry Stylist, Amie will organize the pantry and fridge in your home, meet with you to clean out your pantry and fridge and create a grocery list for you and your family.  Amie will then do your food shopping and stock your pantry and fridge to make your meal prep easy and convenient.

Personalized Healthy Menu Planning

Amie works with clients to personalize a list of menus using healthy, fresh foods in unique, delicious and innovative ways that will keep your meals exciting, taste buds happy and your body healthy.

  • Healthy Family Plan
    Despite the desire to enjoy and indulge in food it is equally important to pay attention to what you are eating. This program will provide a healthy blueprint for enjoying food while reducing weight or maintaining healthy body weight.
  • Gluten-Free/ Wheat-Free Plan

Wheat gluten allergy (Celiac Disease) or Gluten Intolerance can cause agonizing bloating, stomach cramps and resistance to weight loss. Amie will provide a gluten-free meal plan, tips and recipe ideas that can help alleviate symptoms.  Amie will create a nutrition program focused on the gluten-free individual.

  • Dairy-Free Plan
    Lactose Intolerance can also cause bloating, sinus infections, stomach cramps and resistance to weight loss. Amie will create a nutrition program focused on the lactose intolerant individual.
  • Soy-Free Plan
    Amie will create a nutrition program focused on the soy-free individual as soy is a hidden ingredient in products such as tea and salad dressings that many people are unaware.
  • Vegetarian/ Vegan Plan
    Amie will teach you how to combine plant-based proteins, healthy carbohydrates and unsaturated fats.  Amie will create a program based on your Vegetarian and/or Vegan wants and needs.  

Amie works with clients throughout the country and offer the same benefits and support to my Phone and Skype clients as she does with her In-Person clients.

Don’t live in Manhattan? No problem.  Amie offers services using Skype where we can schedule a face-to-face video chat, cooking demos and consultations with Amie.  Skype is a free service that is fun and easy to use.

It is essential to work with a nutritionist and an Integrative M.D. because I am sharing general information that is not intended to be medical advice. This information is only given for informational purposes only.